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Re: devas & elementals

Sep 03, 1995 11:16 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I happen to have gone looking in "Isis Unveiled" & found "...
>may properly be called nature spirits" VI p.3ll ..."ordinarily
>only visible to clairvoyant sight ... By their Protean power
>they can ... assume such likeness as they choose." In this
>classification, I've heard mention of such beings as

>I.U. VIp.285 "All humna races ... have their earthly bodies
>evolved in the matrix out of the bodies of a certain class of
>these elemental beings."

>I.U. VIp.343 "The Kabalist knows by experience ... that each of
>the 4 kingdoms (air, water, earth, fire) has its own perculiar
>elemental spirits."

>And to reiterate, I've listened to a series of tapes with Adam
>Warcup lecturing on the SD, during which he says that several
>lifewaves before the mineral were elemental.

This all sound find to me.

>I.U. VII p.159 "Devas means saints"

>VII p.512 This one is confusing, but anyway "The word God
>(deity) is derived from the Sanskrit word Deva, & Devil from
>the Persian Daeva."

As "demi-Gods", they sound more like the Dhyani-Chohans,
the Kingdoms *after* the Human.

>The words Deva, Devi, Devatta appear in the Hindu & Buddhist
>tradition, so I tried to find an example of that. Took out
>"Sakti & Sakta" by Arthur Avalon p.409 ".... Maha Sakti or
>Supreme Power of many names .... (one mentioned is) ... the
>Sapphire Devi."

>P410 "Supreme Mother .... She is the Great Queen ... to Her
>both Devas, Devis & men give worship..."

>The idea of that there are individual devas, or nature spirits
>.. whatever, involved in the care of certain things in nature
>I gathered 1) from Geoffrey Hodson, because the angels he
>depicted on the Wheaton Christmas cards are angels of certain
>rocks or mountains & etc. 2) I also know that a certain very
>skilled clairvoyant who needs to be nameless sees beings in
>trees, & etc.

I'd expect that the "care" may be applied from both directions.
There is "care" in the sense of the Elementals caring over the
physical forms, and the other Skandhas of living things, of
whatever element or principle they consist other. The other type
of "care" is by the Dhyani-Chohans, creating the archetypal
patterns of life which we know as the "laws" of Nature. The
Dhyani-Chohans create "treeness" and specific Elementals look
over particular "trees".

-- Eldon

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