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Karmic baggage

Sep 03, 1995 05:22 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> I don't think that the real Mahatmas would write a book like "The
> Lives of Alcyone," because the literal, factual information about
> previous lifetimes would mean little to people in the present,
> and *became the past changes.* (I'm making something of an overstatement
> here, perhaps for shock value, but I do want to make a point.) The
> literal, physical details of the past *does not exist.* All that is
> carried forward into the *now* is the effects upon us; it is the
> living energy in our karmic bonds with the rest of life. And those
> bonds and the energy that they contain can and do change. An event
> in the past is real and lasting only so long as we carry its effects
> in ourselves and others along with us. We carry a lot of karmic
> baggage that at times should be reevaluated. There come times to
> "lighten the load" and leave behind things that are no longer of
> use to us or others.
> -- Eldon

I can almost hear the Mahatmas rolling around on the floor with
laughter at the idea of writing such a book! Thank you Eldon
for some common sense here. A useful point also is that we
carry a fair amount of baggage from our past *in this life*
which not only needs re-evaluation, and may be easier to
recognise, if we can look into ourselves honestly.


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