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Re: theosophical transformation

Sep 03, 1995 05:37 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> We'll never know for sure until we take the additional step, and
> go beyond an intellectual brain-mind study of the printed page,
> until we awaken insides ourselves a second form of knowing. Until
> then, it's all a game of historic research, logic, and detective
> work to see if an idea is correct or not. I'd suggest that this
> second form of knowing things is not difficult, not far removed
> from our experience, and is open to any of us who would try it.
> -- Eldon

Yes, the intellectual study is needed, but mainly in order to
help us understand the *experience* you describe as a second
form of knowing. It brings to mind the 13th path of the
Kabala's 32 Paths of Wisdom:

"The Inductive Intelligence of Unity ... it manifest truth to
every spirit." This is the "Inner light" which can be connected
with the Ajna chakra, or "third eye" - though these terms have
acquired a high degree of undesirable glamour over the years.


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