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Insults and provocation

Sep 02, 1995 05:27 PM
by Richtay

Liesel: "Dear Rich, I'll start answering you, when you stop being insulting &
provocative to people on this post. You're toning down, but you're not there

Two thoughts on this, brief ones:

(1) I am not DELIBERATELY trying to be insulting, I hope you can see that in
my posts, I truly am sincere in my beliefs. I have strong opinions, and I
allow that others do too.

(2) If people CHOOSE to take what I believe and what I write as personally
insulting to them, that's their choice and their right. You don't NEED to
answer my posts in my opinion, especially if they really anger you. I can
certainly work on being gentler in tone, but I suspect it is also WHAT I
think that annoys you. I can't help WHAT I think, --- it's what I think!

Your pal,

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