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William Q. Judge, modern issues

Sep 02, 1995 05:31 PM
by Richtay

Eldon: "I'd take the Point Loma view that he was one of the people in the
theosophical moment that acted as a spokesman for the Masters, authorized to
present some of their Teachings, although he did not try to say too much that
was new."

That's generally my view also, though in many of his articles, which you
mention may be hard for some to find, WQJ drops quite a few gems and hints
that definitely expand on HPB, though he did it within her lifetime, and she
comments on it favorably. For writers after her death, it gets really,
REALLY hard to know what to think.

There are undoubtedly Theosophical efforts HPB and the Masters would approve
of today, and undoubtedly efforts they would not approve of, and possibly a
great grey area of "mixed" bag.

I try to take William Q. Judge and HPB as good guides, but in fact there are
a host of issues in the public arena today that they never commented on, to
my knowledge: overpopulation, exploration of other planets, the United
Nations, world economic issues, homosexuality, genetic engineering, quantum
physics, the Buddhist idea of "transfer of merit", which political parties to
belong to, etc. etc. etc.

In all these areas, we as Theosophists have to think completely for
ourselves. We can take the principles we've learned -- analogy,
correspondence, unity, pairs of opposites, etc. and try to apply them, but
here, a hundred years after the Founders' death, we are really left to our
own resources in so many ways.


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