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Re: CWL and JHE

Aug 31, 1995 11:17 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>The inhabitants of Venus, which is an
>inhabited planet at the present time, are doubles, ovoid in shape, that is
>to say egg-shaped, but are doubles. As we have pointed out, Venus is a
>planet superior to Earth: both naturally and spiritually, and in other ways.
> (p. 68-69)

A bizarre sidebar to the above:

The May/June 95' issue of UFO magazine is devoted to UFO cults. One particular
article is about Dan Fry, George Adamski and Marion Keech, both of who claimed
to have been contacted by extraterrestrials and later went on to form cults.
The author, Peter Jordan, claims that they all got more than a little
inspiration from theosophical writings.

"The legend of MU and Atlantis, it should be understood, did not originate with
Dan Fry, nor Adamski, and in fact can be traced back to some of the earliest
theosophical writings of the 20th Century. As with nearly every other cult or
mass movement, the contactees demonstrated little originality; they were
imitators who found it easier to pilfer their ideas - even their personae - from
the annals of history. . . .

Charles Leadbeater, a British theosophist and medium, in his Handbook of
Theosophy (published in 1932) declared that Venusians ("Lords of the Flame")
occupy the highest rank in what he called the "Great White Brotherhood," with
Aryans considered the highest native race on Earth." (UFO magazine, pg 35)

- ann

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