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Re: On speculations

Aug 31, 1995 10:40 PM
by Aprioripa

 But I enjoy contemplating cosmic relationships (I was raised on Star

>Footnote: "We are taught that the highest Dhyan Chohans, or Planetary
>.. are in ignorance of what lies beyond the visible planetary systems, since
>their essence cannot assimilate itself to that of worlds beyond our solar
>system. When they reach a higher stage of evolution these other universes
>will be open to them; meanwhile they have complete knowledge of all the
>worlds within and beneath the limits of our solar system."

 This may be true on some level, but just as we humans can look to the
stars with our telescopes and understand some of what is going on so the
Dyani Chohans would be able to know much more of the universe outside our
solar system and in particular relationships with our planet vis a vi energy
flow. They can also be instructed by beings more advanced than themselves.

>when apparently (according
>to little ole HPB) even the Dhyan Chohans themselves

>do not make statements <<<<<-----[this is a misquote!]

>about anything beyond our solar system...

 Well, there is astrology and the cosmic relationships as they are
reflected here.

 What HPB said is that the Chohans may not have direct "personal"
experience with such cosmic processes (but there are other ways ...) and that
we should not make statements about things which we do not know.


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