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Aug 31, 1995 08:12 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Brenda, quoting from Purucker writes:

>"The forms of the inhabitants of the different planets are very
>various indeed,...Some are flat; some are spherical; some are
>long. The inhabitants of the planet Mercury have, perhaps, the
>nearest resemblance to the inhabitants of Earth. The inhabitants
>of the planet Jupiter are the most diverse in form and outward
>appearance from the men of Earth. The inhabitants of Venus,
>which is an inhabited planet at the present time, are doubles,
>ovoid in shape, that is to say egg-shaped, but are
>What's the use of proving something like this wrong? "

 If this description is wrong, then for me, it throws
suspicion upon other information that Purucker has expanded upon.
The more often I find him wrong, the more cautious and critical I
would become about his writings. If his descriptions turned out
to be wrong often enough, and his errors pervasive enough, I
would eventually discount his writings altogether at some point.

In another message, Brenda continues:

>For the passage just posted, I'd like to give reference to THE
>And in THE MAHATMA LETTERS, p. 167, Letter XXIIIB, 1882, K.H.
>says there is a Raja Sun behind Jupiter which no mortal physical
>eye has ever seen during this Round.
>Should I attempt to muster up proof for this?

 Why not? What kind of proof do you want to offer?

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