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On speculations

Aug 31, 1995 12:23 PM
by Richtay

>For the passage just posted, I'd like to give reference to THE SECRET
DOCTRINE, II, 699-709.<

In those SD pages referred to, HPB makes a comment which Purucker in his
writing seems to share.

HPB writes on page 700 of SD vol. 2,

"But when, extending our speculations BEYOND OUR PLANETARY CHAIN, we try to
cross the limits of the solar system, then indeed WE ACT AS DO PRESUMPTUOUS

Footnote: "We are taught that the highest Dhyan Chohans, or Planetary Spirits
.. are in ignorance of what lies beyond the visible planetary systems, since
their essence cannot assimilate itself to that of worlds beyond our solar
system. When they reach a higher stage of evolution these other universes
will be open to them; meanwhile they have complete knowledge of all the
worlds within and beneath the limits of our solar system."

What then do we make of the theosophical speculations on cosmic evolution
beyond the solar system? I have seen the most amazing charts and graphs of
this plane and that plane on "the cosmic level," when apparently (according
to little ole HPB) even the Dhyan Chohans themselves do not make statements
about anything beyond our solar system...


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