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Re: CWL and JHE

Aug 31, 1995 10:43 AM
by Aprioripa

>and this book claims so much that is fantastical:
>humanities on every planet, Venus and Mercury in their Seventh Round, Mars
>in her Third Round but on the higher spheres, etc. Jupiter has a humanity,
>too, he claims, but.... oh, just listen:

 Yes, all this is true.

>The inhabitants of Venus, which is an
>inhabited planet at the present time, are doubles, ovoid in shape, that is
>to say egg-shaped, but are doubles. As we have pointed out, Venus is a
>planet superior to Earth: both naturally and spiritually, and in other ways.

 My understanding is that on Venus they communicate by hand motions which
generate certain etheric waves and each person is known by th eunique color
they show.

Best Regards,

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