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Re: Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 31, 1995 00:27 AM
by Aprioripa

>Alice Bailey was part of the E.S. and only got kicked out when she believed
>she began to receive her OWN Mahatma letters.

 Actually she did not believe this and was forced out because people were
jealous -- even though she was happy to try to work out right relationships
with them.

>But in the Adyar society of
>that time (and perhaps currently, I wouldn't know) you only received a
>Mahatma letter when the head of the Esoteric Section SAID you received a

 Yes, and the fact is that the Mahatmas never associate themselves with
such authoritarian control.

>So Bailey was kicked out, and continued to do her own thing.

 Actually she moved on and continued to work in cooperation with the

>But the teachings of Besant/Leadbeater are in almost every way identical to
>the Bailey teachings,

 Actually AAB's writings add much to what was previously done. There is
far more in the many books and articles she wrote than was available to
theosophists at the time. This is particularly true in relation to esoteric
psychology and astrology and the book "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire."

>Bailey added very little to was she learned in the ES,

 More than 90% of what she wrote is beyond the ES.

>and that in itself raises questios whether she was ever in contact with a

 She worked with several Masters and the writings show this. A journey
to Himalayas could also help in making this clear.


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