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In the Lion's Den

Aug 30, 1995 08:54 PM
by dhedrick

Good Morning Everybody!!!
I love it here in the Lion's Den.
I want to thank you all for responding to
my posts.

Let me give you some background then I 'll
give you some meat & potatoes.

May 3rd, 1988 I commited my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
You may ask how I know He lives? And that TRUTH is
real because He lives inside of me. The Spirit of Christ
changed my heart, my life, and my mind.

In addition I was not looking for nor seeking Truth.
The Truth found me.

If I were to share my would declare that this
young man was destined for trouble. I have had many
opportunites to die young.

Because of my drastic conversion and because of the Lord's
direction and will I have been molded into a man that is
best described as an EVANGELIICAL POLEMIST.

I did not choose this, but I finally relaize what kind of pot
I really am. So if I come on strong it is because I was made
to be so. Granted there are times where I need not flex,
and that is an issue of which I am growing daily.

I am not BETTER than anyone else, however since my
re-birth I have been commited to knowing and studying
every major/minor religion and most importantly who
Christ was & is.

I am familiar with the major world religions and other
minor ones like URANTIA, ECKANKAR, and BA HAI.

The Jehova Witnesses & Mormon's are certainly conditioned
for failure.

I can teach you many things. Check this out.

It is kharmatic influence on this temporal existence that
promotes the unification of thought, wisdom and understanding
with those that have been brought to thread. Theosophic.

It is by God's Grace that we share the Word of God together.

I only claim to be a man of wisdom because I have decided
to stop listening to a 31yr old lying, deceiving failure and instead
learn from that which has continued over the millenia. The Word.

It makes sense to me to listen to the likes of Isaiah, and Daniel,
Moses, Abraham, John, Paul and Most importantly Jesus Christ.

There wisdom has not been nor ever will be surpassed.

The wisdom of your masters pales in comparison to THE MASTER.

If you disregard YHWH, then you disregard the foundation of
Theosophy in as far as that you desire truth and fellowship with
those that claim mastership. All I am declaring is is that Jesus
is the Master of masters. Why would you want to learn from
second hand fools that cannot determine amongst themselves
when to say yea or nae?

If you take this personally...I understand. You should. I am
attempting to awake the dead and bring sight to the blind.

You cannot disregard the historical validity of this Master
named Jesus of Nazareth. And if you do...Why?

Do not blame the ignorant, or the hypocrites for your own
fear of facing the one God Man that is the Light of the world.

Do you want to seek light in the midst of darkness? Yes I know
you do. Then why don't you seek the one who claimed to be
that Light and not just one who attained light?

Double-mindedness and purposeful aversion of the truth
reveals the embedded fear that has encamped the heart.

Why are you afraid of Jesus Christ...and if you are not...then
what conclusion can you make about Him?

The Tri-lemma stands...He is either Lord, Liar or a Lunatic.

You see as a Polemist, I am called to confront YOU with
the Truth about Jesus Christ the Light of the World.

And as a polemist I too must resolve to learn and understand
every available position that by grace is afforded me. It is
by grace that I am posting to you.

I too will learn from you. But if you make an effort to say
that YHWH is not a Master...then by what method do you
determine this? If you mean he was not a master of Brahma
or wise as of 1800A.D. then this is your foundation?

There is declarations in scripture that revealed many Christophonies.
A Christophony is the appearence of Christ prior to the incarnation.

He is also declared the Creator of the Universe. Who do you think
would have the Highest Wisdom and Understanding of the Creation?

And again if you deny Him as Creator...Why?

Do you feel confronted? You should...I am fulfilling my calling
in the Lion's Den. You are being Called! Will you talk with me
or will you hide your face? Will you walk with me or will you
run away?

Evangelical Polemist

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