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Arguments of ...

Aug 30, 1995 09:01 PM
by dhedrick

Lets look at:
Argument of Cause
This premise declares that nothing that exists can exist without
something other than itself. Water needs H2 & 0. Mass needs

A simple example reveals:
Man needs cows to survive, cows need man to survive. Yet
man cannot create a cow and a cow cannot create a man.
Dependency cannot be seperated from independency.

Argument of Change
The premise reveals that everything that exists must at some point
in time not exist in its current condition. The Law of Entropy drives
this argument. You nor I existed 100 yrs ago nor will we exist 100
yrs from now. Our current condition will change. This change will
always be degraded.

Argument of Causality
Only that which is not bound by CAUSE/CHANGE can be the prime
mover (whether personal or impersonal). The primemover does not
require anything other than itself to exist, and cannot change. And
in this only the Prime Mover can be considered an Actual infinite.
There are no known actual infinites that exist within the bounds
of CAUSE/CHANGE and the Laws of Thermodynamics.

The BIg Bang THEORY is represented as an Actual Infinite and therefor
should be disconsidered...Even Steven Hawking declared that the
beginning was bound by these laws. And that there is no evidence
whatsoever to declare otherwise.

And the most interesting for me is that I knew a portion of the above
before I ever read the Word.

And yet now I read God's Word reveals:
He is Alone.
(I alone created the Heaven's and the Earth)
There is no oher like Him.
(There never has been or ever will be anyone
like me, There are no other God's)
He never changes.
(I am the Lord...I do not Change)
And that He created something out of nothing.
(In the Beginning God said "Let there be Light"...)

He is not bound by those laws, because He is the Creator of those laws.

Evangelical Polemist

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