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Re: Prayer et. al.

Aug 30, 1995 05:06 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>As for me, I am seriously contemplating joining the TS Wheaton as well as the
>TS Pasadena. My primary work is of course with ULT but it is important to me
>to be in touch with as much as possible, and build bridges where I see
>opportunities. There are students in every wing of the movement that see the
>value in the Source literature and stick to the lines laid down. These would
>be wonderful people to network with, much could be accomplished. Plus
>getting to VOTE on important issues would be nice.

It doesn't hurt to join the various groups. The fact of membership may not
confer upon you any special karmic merit, but for members of any particular
group that are still narrow-sighted, when they see you as "one of our own,"
they may treat you differently. Working in a group or not, it's still an
individual thing for each of us to discover a personal, special way of
contributing to the brightening of the world, and that does not necessarily
involve working through a theosophical group.


>Paying 10 cents a message on Compuserve SUCKS and perhaps it is time to
>switch services. In the meantime, I will try to be sensitive and combine
>posts, saving money for the Compuserve kids.

You have the option of setting your subscription to 'theos-l' to 'digest'
mode, which means that you'll get a single message daily, containing all
the day's email. There's a longer pause for you to get the mail and to
reply to it, but perhaps the whole thing will only cost you 10 cents.

-- Eldon

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