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Re: Lion's Den

Aug 30, 1995 05:04 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> According to

> > Now here's a test for all those who think the teachings of Theosophy can be
> > "expanded" upon or altered in any way one sees fit.
> Who appointed you to test other Theosophists? This approach
> has been tried before, and no one was eager to be tested by
> someone with an obvious assumption of superiority. You are
> challenging, and blaming, some unnamed opponents, for no
> apparent reason other than to foment conflict.

???????? - some pretty strong assumptions here from *you* Paul!

> > Is the above quotation from our Yahwist friend "Theosophy" or is it not? If
> > you say it is not, what are your grounds for saying so?
> I say the question is bullshit. Stop trying to pick fights.
> Why is this important to you? Have you taken on the karmic
> task of straightening out the deluded Theosophists who don't
> follow the ULT party line? If so, maybe you should try a
> subtler approach, cause this one is obnoxious.
> Namaste anyway

"Thou shalt not ask the questions I do not want you to ask" -
be fair, Paul. When you did just that, so far as I can tell,
with TMR, you were accused of all you accuse Rich of and worse.
Even if you find the question obnoxious, is it necessary to be
obnoxious yourself, 'cos that's how "bullshit" sounds to me.

Namaste if you deserve it,

Alan :-)

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