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Re: Lion's Den

Aug 30, 1995 05:54 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>To me, the whole idea of an "objective reality" is a totally
>human abstraction, for, as individuals - this is the important
>bit folks - we are all *subject* to LAW, and thus incapable
>either individually of collectively of total "objectivity" - so
>even if there is such as thing as "objective reality" or
>"objective truth" we are constitutionally incapable of
>recognising it, as the human condition is relative to
>environment and context.

I'd agree that our so-called objective reality is a human
abstraction, but that we are subject to law. But that law
is the consequence of life itself. Whatever we do affects
others, including the spiritual ecosystem of the multiplane
earth, and there will be a natural reaction. That reaction
is the consequences of our act. The "law" is a description
of the behavior of things, stating that when we do a certain
action there will be a typical (often predictible) reaction.

-- Eldon

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