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Re: On prayer

Aug 29, 1995 07:03 AM
by Aprioripa

>Invocations are a type of prayers, invocations attempt to "invoke" a being,
>as we see in Bailey, she is invoking Christ. Try a dictionary, you'll see
>what I mean about invocations.

 Well, on we go ... In Bailey's writing and the associated invocations
what is going on is a cooperation with natural cycles and evolutionary
opportunities -- prayers work with these and are not focused on invoking some
being for any personal reason.

>With "prayer" we have the connotation of asking someone or some being for
>assistance. There is a sense of having an audience with a greater being.
>Prayer is not unique to Christianity; there are prayers to deities in
>Buddhism as well. With "invocation" we have a sense of control or
>or of causing something to happen. With "prayer" we are asking for
>with "invocation" we are engaged in a magical practice that precipitates or
>acts as a catalyst to start a process going, a process which we may not
>control, but which we are somehow able to initiate or get started.

 Yes, and both together work well also.


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