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Re: Comments re Hierarchies

Aug 29, 1995 06:47 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

> from"Turbulent Mirror" by Briggs & Peat
>"By showing convincingly how cooperation is a powerful
>mechanism for evolutionary change, Margulis adds her voice to
>the rising tide of theorists calling for a new view of
>evolution." rather than Darwin's survival of the fittest, which
>mirrored the thoughts of those times.

I'd agree that cooperation is necessary for higher orders of
organized life to manifest itself. Perhaps the cooperation among
lessor beings does not *make* a higher order, but rather the
incarnation of a higher form of life allows for the organization
to take place. (This would be much like the incarnation of a
human being allows for the organization of cells composing the
physical body. The cells don't create human consciousness, they
come together in an organized form because of the human's

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