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Poor ULT students

Aug 29, 1995 04:52 AM
by Richtay

I do not claim to know the the entire association of ULT, each lodge is
independent and autonomous, but I have been to a great number of the
different centers.

I have never encountered a ULT associate (who had been studying for any
significant time) who did not either own or have access to the MAHATMA
LETTERS. It's not a book I would necessarily give to someone who just walked
in the door, but I don't think the book is problematic either.

I own the book, have read it thoroughly, and I have spent time looking at the
originals in the British Museum. I am extremely interested in what the
Masters have to say, because after all, I hope to be among their faithful
students and helpers.

Perhaps I shall be booted out of ULT for this treachery? After more than a
decade of association, I should think someone would have condemened me
already. To tell the truth, I have never heard of ANYONE who has been asked
to dis-associate from the ULT. There is simply no procedure for such a
thing. Association is purely voluntary, carries no outer or legal status,
and thus cannot be "terminated."

We have no elected leaders, so there is no one to make official
pronouncements. I personally do what seems best to me, even though I most
often consult with my "teammates." We need to get over the idea that ULT is
this or that single thing. It is a collection of students, nothing more.
There is no central governing body, each lodge and each student does what
they think is best.

In fact, there are quite a number of ULT associates, including Jerry, who are
members of "organized" Theosophical bodies as well. (ULT is not an exclusive
thing.) I understand that Jerry is interested in studying Theosophy from as
many angle as possible, and more power to him. I applaud the cosmopolitan
approach, especially if it brings one to understand the different between
SOURCE and later teachings. He certainly appears to.


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