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Re: Poor ULT students

Aug 29, 1995 03:37 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I have never encountered a ULT associate (who had been studying for any
>significant time) who did not either own or have access to the MAHATMA
>LETTERS. It's not a book I would necessarily give to someone who just walked
>in the door, but I don't think the book is problematic either.

That's good to hear.

>We have no elected leaders, so there is no one to make official
>pronouncements. I personally do what seems best to me, even though I most
>often consult with my "teammates." We need to get over the idea that ULT is
>this or that single thing. It is a collection of students, nothing more.
>There is no central governing body, each lodge and each student does what
>they think is best.

The definition of membership is perhaps a bit too loose. Anyone that
signs an Associate card and has it on file at a ULT branch is considered
a member.

>In fact, there are quite a number of ULT associates, including Jerry, who are
>members of "organized" Theosophical bodies as well. (ULT is not an exclusive
>thing.) I understand that Jerry is interested in studying Theosophy from as
>many angle as possible, and more power to him. I applaud the cosmopolitan
>approach, especially if it brings one to understand the different between
>SOURCE and later teachings. He certainly appears to.

I suppose I'm a ULT member too, since I have a card on file at the
Santa Barbara branch. And I'm an Adyar and Pasadena T.S. member as well,
having joined all the groups in order to better participate in various
theosophical projects. It's too bad that the major groups don't simply
recognize memberships in the other groups, so that a membership in one
is accepted as a membership in the rest!

-- Eldon

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