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Re: Later writers

Aug 29, 1995 01:10 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> >
> >***What do we do with later writers who differ from the source teachings of
> >Theosophy?***

Eldon wrote:
> People have taken a number of approaches to these differences. Some would
> say and believe that their favorite writers, when apparently different than
> the source literature, are better. Another approach is to say that the
> differences are due to apparent contradictions, that with further study would
> be suitably resolved. (I'd take this approach for my favorite, Purucker, if
> it can be shown that he appears to differ from HPB.) Others would deny any
> differences and call any attempt to describe them as an attack on Theosophy
> itself. I'm not sure why people would get upset. It's quite obvious that there
> are many views on what Theosophy is that are floating around. Just look at
> the diversity of postings on 'theos-l'. I'd expect that different writers,
> when adding their own individual ideas and views, would also vary among
> themselves.
 One of the early books I read was Man, How, Whince and Whither by
Besant & Leadbeater. In the preface they made a point which has stuck
with me over the years. It was that they were "students" sharing
what they had found. They even went so far as to say that more would
be learned about these subjects in the future and we should therefore
consider the latest information on the subject.
 It seemed to me wise counsel and displayed humility on their part
-- something I had read elsewhere was the mark of a wise person.
 The first lodge I attended was in St. Petersburg, FL. There was a
framed poster which said in part that only a small corner of the veil
which covers the mysteries had been lifted. Ideas such as these have
left me with an open mind and willingness to consider new, different
and contradictory information on the topics which HPB and the
Mahatmas wrote on.
 In one of the Mahatma letters I think there was some discussion
about how easy it was for error to creep into letters written by
their chelas. Much of the SD was written "through" HPB. There are
references to it being all that could be safely given out at the
time. It seems to me these factors should be taken into consideration
by the present day student.

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