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Re: God

Aug 28, 1995 09:55 PM
by dhedrick

The Bibical interpretation of God would include;

that God is anthropomorphic, having human-like properties of
consciousness and emotion (I guess this is roughly what you mean by
"Personal"), though usually incorporeal, and usually the "personal"
qualities are present in a magnified, idealized, or perfected sense
(often expressed independently for various qualities). God is usually
considered responsible for the existence of that which exists, to have
the potential power to do anything, and to be particularly concerned
with humans and their behavior (in particular, he is viewed as
potentially capable of granting people's desires, as well as being
concerned with people's actions and reactions). Many people
associate with God the idea that (perhaps if they fulfill certain
conditions) they will continue to exist in some sort of perfected
state after their death. However true biblical interpretation suggests
that divine compassion has purchased the less than desireable for
that which would be most desireable "perfection"(ie Heaven).

>>>You still have not explained to me what *you* understand by

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