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Re: God

Aug 29, 1995 07:35 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>>You still have not explained to me what *you* understand by
> My personal understanding of God is described (in the best words I know)
>in the three fundamentals given in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine. There
>is also a fourth fundamental called the "evolution of light" and this is what
>I understand as a human being.

Perhaps another idea on "God" ...

In theosophical literature we read of two types of absolutes or supremes.
There is conditioned time (relative to the internal workings of a particular
universe) and unconditioned time (without any relation to any specific
universe). There is conditioned or measured space (relative to the perceivable
bounds of a universe) and unconditioned space. And there a relative godhead
or ruling divinity, and unconditioned godhead (without any specific relation
to any particular world or scheme of things).

With regard to this "godhead" (I'm coining this term), in our world, it may
be described as a Celestial Buddha, Celestial Bodhisattva, etc., depending
upon its scope of influence. The terminology can be misleading, though, since
each such "being" is not an individual, but rather is a class of beings.
The terms refer to the workings of the Dhyani-Chohans, the demi-gods that
rule our worlds. These beings form the three evolutionary classes after the
human kingdom.

For a particular world like a planetary chain or a universal solar system,
is there an overall being, whose embodiment causes the system to organize
itself and come into being? I'd say yes, but that being does not act like
our traditional view of a "God". That being interacts with others at his
scale of being. That being (Logos) is no more concerned with any individual
Monad existing within his "body" than we are with one individual cell in
our physical body. There is no direct, personal interaction in the sense of
a Christian God paying attention to the prayers of his subjects. The
divinity that answers one's inner calls is one's own Inner God, one's own
latent divinity within, and not some superior external being of cosmic

-- Eldon Tucker

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