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Re: Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 28, 1995 09:38 PM
by dhedrick

At what point does the difference from Blavatsky "interpretation of
Buddhistic & Brahmanic teachings" from our own interpretation, create
enough conflict where one or the other is in error? Is our individual
interpretation the key?

Am I absolutely stranded on a subjective island?
or am I subjectively stranded on an objective island?


>>It's my considered opinion that later writers also offer valid
>>points of view. I've gotten some further insights from reading
>>Annie Besant, Christmas Humphreys, Jinarajadasa, Harry Van
>>Gelder. I don't always get the idea right away when it's first
>>presented to me, but when I can view it as presented by another
>>Theosophist, it sometimes sinks in. There's one important
>>Buddhist doctrine, Ignorance, which dawned on me while I was
>>reading Martin Luther King's sermons. Reading or hearing the
>>same idea as presented by different persons helps me learn.
>>That may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine.


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