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Re: heirarcharies

Aug 26, 1995 08:33 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Alan:
> >Hierarchies (in this world at least) seem to promote competition
> >to be boss hierarch, followed by argument, followed by conflict,
> >followed by fighting, followed by war. In short, the
> >patriarchal system as we know and hate it. (Well I do, anyhow).
> This always begs the age-old question - who's on top? And even more
> importantly, who's the poor shmuts on the bottom doing the work?
> Isn't this how most relgious systems in the world work? Your post conjures up
> pictures of highly placed religious leaders parading around in satin and silk
> while some dainty lady plays a tune on a harp or other musical instrument, as
> the followers watch in awe. Those next in line are either plotting or waiting
> for the Boss to bite the dust.
> - ann

That's about it! *And* this if from personal experience :-)


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