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Re: Do the Masters exist?

Aug 26, 1995 08:24 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Hello,
> > I see a number of assumptions and assertions in the
> >above for which no substantive evidence has been offered.
> Abstractly and poetically, different phrases flow with the same
> concepts.

Sorry Patrick, but I find this meaningless viv a vis your
evangelical Christian forms of expression, which seem to assume
so many things without offering an explanation of any.

> >May I suggest, Patrick, with all due respect, that there may be
> >a lot more research to be done before completing your article(s)?
> Yes, all suggestions welcome. Some of those aspects of God's plan that
> are relevant to human evolution can be known.

How? Please define "God" as *you* understand the term.

 I consider the principles of
> freedom and kindness to be two of these.

If you will, but we can express both without having to subscribe
to the idea of "God's plan" - which if there is one is not doing
much for abused and murdered refugees in Bosnia, Rwanda, or the
young children who are regularly sexually assaulted for the
excitement of paedophiles, etc., etc. Is all this part of
"God's plan?" If so, time to change gods, methinks .....


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