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Re: heirarcharies

Aug 26, 1995 08:04 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Hierarchies (in this world at least) seem to promote competition
>to be boss hierarch, followed by argument, followed by conflict,
>followed by fighting, followed by war. In short, the
>patriarchal system as we know and hate it. (Well I do, anyhow).

This always begs the age-old question - who's on top? And even more
importantly, who's the poor shmuts on the bottom doing the work?

Isn't this how most relgious systems in the world work? Your post conjures up
pictures of highly placed religious leaders parading around in satin and silk
while some dainty lady plays a tune on a harp or other musical instrument, as
the followers watch in awe. Those next in line are either plotting or waiting
for the Boss to bite the dust.

- ann

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