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Re: Approaching Masters with a Difference

Aug 24, 1995 08:44 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

At 10:02 PM 8/24/95, wrote:
>Dear Art Paul,
>I think the difference is before you wrote this piece you
>kissed the blarney stone.

Of course I have:) I'm Irish.

 It's also my considered opinion that
>before you try to critique the Masters some more, it would be
>good, if you browsed around a little more in the "Mahatma
>Letters" first, because what you write seems to be spun out of
>thin air, without too much knowledge of what the Masters really
>said, and what they really could be & stand for (about which
>there can be some speculation, but it needs to be based on
>something other than phantasy).

I didn't think that I was saying anything about the masters I was
commenting on the way that Myers Briggs as a tool can help people
understand how they are prone to think of the Masters. The precise nature
of the Master I said nothing about except that my personal tendency is to
look at any spiritual perpective through the mythological perspective.

I myself don't regard the
>Masters as the ultimate guides of theosophy. I think that the
>ulimate guides right now are today's Theosophists, but I do
>believe that our Adepts have something valid to say, (as do
>other early theosophical writers) which doesn't at all fall
>under any of the 4 categories you mention, at all, at all.

It sounds to me like a thinking approach. You are looking for what is valid
and applicable in the actual teachings of the Masters.

>Sounds to me like you're just generally speculating, without
>really knowing your subject matter.

I agree that I don't know the Masters but the Myers-Briggs Type indicator I
am very familiar with and have taught it for years. So yes and no.

I'm sorry if that also
>hurts your feelings, but I think a person such as yourself
>should speak out on matters they know something about, of which
>there are a great multitude.

Thanks Liesel, that is true. I am glad you responded because it clarifies
for anyone else reading that I am not saying anything about the Masters but
about the possible approaches to them.


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