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Four Functions & Masters

Aug 24, 1995 08:09 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In two weeks I'll be participating in the Mid-Atlantic
Theosophical Gathering, the topic being "The Masters as We See
Them." There will be small group discussions before I speak
and a presentation by Ed Abdill after. My plan is to devote
almost the entire period to question/answer, with a few
questions provided in advance. But I will make a few comments
at the beginning, and am considering something along these
1. Intuition perceives the Masters as elements in the pattern
of life in the universe.
2. Thinking analyzes the Masters as HPB's information sources,
and as historical persons about whom evidence exists.
3. Feeling regards the Masters as a focus of subjective value,
positive or negative.
4. Sensation perceives the Masters as producers of paranormal

The gist will be that The Masters Revealed is overwhelmingly
focused on #2, but is inspired by #1 and is not intended to be
hostile to #3 and #4, although these are not its priorities.
Any helpful suggestions on the topic will be gratefully considered.

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