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Aug 17, 1995 08:18 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

>Serge King teaches that we can learn how to act for ourselves
from observing animals, & empathising with them. They're not
that much "other".

Dear Liesel,

This is my experience as well (esp. re cats!). I have a shelf
outside my main window at the top of the house so I can see the
birds better when they come to feed and drink. Lately, with a
run of very hot weather, some of the seagulls which come up the
river Avon have ventured further inland than usual, and are
sharing the space with the pigeons, thrushes, bluetits, and other
assorted creatures (the cat miaows at them plaintifully like a
child who is only allowed to look at the toys, but not to buy
any). Around 6 am the seagulls have taken to tapping directly on
the window pane with their beaks, demanding their breakfast!
Also, it is interesting to note that the different birds seem to
have an arrangement that different species come at different
times of day (though the occasional pigeon will gatecrash any of
them except the seagulls, who are larger!).


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