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Re: Animals

Aug 18, 1995 01:22 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>> Serge King teaches that we can learn how to act for ourselves
from observing animals, & empathising with them. They're not
that much "other".

>Dear Liesel,

>This is my experience as well (esp. re cats!).

There's a chapter or so in de Purucker's twelve manuals that
discusses the lives of the planets, proclaiming that the planets
nearer to the sun, Mercury and Venus, and more material in their
nature. In contrast, the planets at great distance such as
Jupiter and beyond, are more etherically aligned and therefore
more spiritual.

In dwelling on this thought, I tried my own test of my etheric
nature and for two days I felt myself totally occupied with
life's simple tasks, feeding the children, preparing food,
eating, dressing, gathering clothing for school to start,
sweeping the floor - just essentials. This made me realize how
spiritual it is to place yourself in the business of "simply
living." As this began to overwhelm me, I decided to force myself
to become more material. I tried to grossify my living. Dig
into the material plane. Get active. I worked a little with a
project involving my local hospital, trying to convince them to
install safety straps on their examination tables in Pediatrics
and of course, wrote a post or two on abortion.

The de Purucker book says that because Mercury and Venus are more
material that their mental life is also stronger, as opposed to
the spiritual life. I don't really think there have been any
particularly strong mental revelations, but it's fun to try to
think "how can I muddy my living" and get involved in political
work or police work or something.

Oh, there was also an incident in my alley that happened when I
was sitting in the fenced back yard with the children. I heard,
"help, help" and gingerly opening the gate saw a young woman and
a man running away. She said he grabbed her. We have fifteen
block captains on my block and I'm one of them. I tried to dial
911, but I had forgotten to hang up the modem. I couldn't switch
it off even thought it is external and wasted time saying "bye"
three times through the CPU. Finally, I got the dial tone, but
it made my husband buy us another line and reserve it for
computer use, leaving one line free.

In Los Angeles, we need everybody in the Police Department. Real
police are just our the ones carrying the guns.

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