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Aug 16, 1995 10:51 PM
by Keith Price

Monads, if I recall, were devised by Leibnitz to get at some
grand underlying unity that science and mathmatics had not
succeeded in doing.

I have only read his ideas second hand, but the idea seems to be
that movement, time and space are a kind of illusion and that in
essence there are only monads that are in perfect communications
with themselves and other monads without having to communicate or
anything ( this could be a big understanding). It's kind of and
Indra's net kind of thing, but there is no shaking or glistening
of the jewels in the web. It just is perfection in-itself.

Other writers, maybe HPB included, seem to use the term Monad as
a substiture almost for soul. Monads and souls are supposed to
eternal and ultimate and untouchable yet they are somehow in back
of involution and do not really partake of evolution ( again I
could be really wrong!).

On the physical plane at least, the monad is probably as illusive
as an atom and in fact the term spiritual atom is oftem used to
point to that which has a "monadic essence(?)" and does partake
of evolution in the 7 planes.

All this terminology seems for me to be of great interest, but
certainly not an end in itself. The map is not the territory an
all that.


Keith Price

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