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Re: More on Astrology and Karma

Aug 16, 1995 07:11 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Jerry Schueler:

>significance in his own test. If you, or anyone else can do
such a test, and show significant correlations, you will probably
be famous, and could write a best seller.

Allow me to state a strong opinion here. IMO astrological
research has been barking up the wrong tree all along.
Personality is such a challenging topic, traits so ill-defined,
models so contradictory, that to do research on natal chart
readings is to build on sand. Life events, on the contrary, are
clear-cut, indisputable, time-specific.

Therefore the easy way to find correlations would be to test
hypotheses like these:

1. Some astrological transits will be found to coincide with

a. marriage

b. death

c. childbirth

d. major illness

and so on... at a higher than random frequency. I could name
which transits to look for, but given the computational and
statistical resources available, is that even necessary? Can't
all major transits be correlated against major life events?

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