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Re: More on Astrology and Karma

Aug 16, 1995 07:15 AM
by Aprioripa

>>Jerry: I have read from several "authorities" (NOT theosophist)
that the law of karma requires us to undergo every possible
experience that Earth has to offer before we can move on to
another world. I have never accepted this, and consider it to be
a rather monstrous notion.

Patrick: Right & AMEN.

>>Jerry: According to Jung, ... the fact that causality does not
and can not explain everything that happens in our lives. With
reference to theosophy, karma IS causality. Thus Jung is saying
that karma cannot explain everything that happens in our lives.


The factor which would combine with karma, I believe, is freedom
of choice and eventually free will -- these are a part of plan
for humanity, the keynote being "experience promotes growth".
The choices one makes in this freedom would be qualified by one's
values and this relates mainly to whether a person is emotional,
mental or spiritually polarized. In esoteric astrology and
psychology (sic. psychosophy) astrology can be integrated with
ray types and such polarization. The factor of freedom of choice
and free will operates within the range of one's identification
and this increases as we travel the road to the next kingdom.

>>Jerry: and if we really must work off every bit of karma that
we incurred along the way


I think it's actually 51% of personal karma (the rest being
distributed to "nature" as a function of the choices of all) but
we are usually still associated by the dharma of service at some
level (to help with the 49%) even after personal liberation.

>>Jerry: that there is an esoteric side to karma and
reincarnation in which causality is only one law, working in
tandem with another law which is completely acausal (and thus is
chaotic in the sense that it is rather unpredictible)


I believe that that law is freedom with free will being God's
greatest gift to man.

>>Jerry: Modern theosophists not only have no word for such a
law, they don't even know that it exists, probably because HPB
never gave it out, at least publically. As far as I am
concerned, synchronicity is as good a word as any.

How about "Freedom" or "Synchronicity of Right Choices"

Best Regards,

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