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Aug 15, 1995 09:17 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker


Here are some thoughts on the Monad:

While pondering the threefoldness and role of the Logos, I feel
very secondary to anything the Logos might be trying to
accomplish. The Logos has a pervading mind which creates the
form and senses and from which we borrow our involvement in the
world and our mental apparatus. If this statement is true, then
I can not imagine that I was ever in an animal body. The animal
kingdom and below must have been ensouled by some other
existences because what I see myself as now is very different
than the consciousness found in an animal. Why would the Logos
need such an advanced consciousness in a creature responding
entirely to its environment?

I wonder if the Monad drops like dew into its vehicle at periodic
times. I wish it would drop again. Does the Logos control this
dripping? What will happen to the mind and senses when this does
happen? Will my body expand? Will I also be able to understand
"body" on other planets in other vibrational patterns?

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