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Suggested books for FAQ book-list

Aug 06, 1995 08:36 AM
by euser

List of Theosophical books.

Here's a suggested reading list of Theosophical writings. Prices
may have changed a little.

1. The key to Theosophy. H.P.Blavatsky.
 Theosophical University Press (TUP). Postoffice Bin C,
 Pasadena, Cal. 91109 - 7107 USA tel. (818) 798-3378

 An excellent intro to Theosophy.
 ISBN 0-911500-06-5 cloth $16.00
 ISBN 0-911500-07-3 softcover $10.00

2. The ocean of Theosophy. W.Q. Judge. TUP-press (see #1)
 ISBN 0-911500-25-1 cloth $10.00
 ISBN 0-911500-26-x paper $6.00

 A concise intro to Theosophy.

3. Echoes of the Orient. W.Q. Judge. (3 volumes)
 Point Loma Publications, Inc.
 P.O. Box 6507
 San Diego, Calif. 92106

 Contains many excellent magazine articles (vol. 1 ,2) $15.00
 per volume and comments & suggestions about esoteric teachings
 (vol.3) $18.75 Complete set: $45.00

 Also from Point Loma:

 Theosophy and Christianity
 H.T. Edge
 ISBN 0-913004-17-0
 This is one manual out of twelf in a series of small booklets on
 key teachings of Theosophy

 Esoteric keys to the Christian scriptures & the universal
 mystery language of myth and symbol

 H.T. Edge
 ISBN 0-913004-08

4. Fundamentals of the esoteric philosophy. G. de Purucker.
 ISBN 0-911500-63-4 $18.00 cloth
 ISBN 0-911500-64-2 $12.00 softcover

 A good introduction to the Secret Doctrine
 (H.P.Blavatsky's masterwork).

5. The esoteric tradition (2 volumes). G. de Purucker. (TUP)
 A thorough work on many theosophical teachings.
 Contains also comments on science in the thirties.
 ISBN 0-911500-65-0 cloth $28.00, 2-volume set
 ISBN 0-911500-66-9 paper $18.00, 2-volume set

6. Fountain-source of occultism. G. de Purucker. (TUP)
 An advanced book on esoteric topics.
 ISBN 0-911500-70-7 cloth $22.00
 ISBN 0-911500-71-5 softcover $15.00

 Note that Point Loma has a more complete version of
 esoteric instructions from Purucker.

7. The dialogues of G. de Purucker (TUP)
 Very diverse, but offers valuable insights on practical
 human problems and also profound themes of Theosophy.
 ISBN 0-911500-59-6 (3 volumes) $35, 3-volume set

8. Man in evolution. G. de Purucker. (TUP)
 A book that analyzes Theosophy in relation to science.
 ISBN 0-911500-55-3 $10 softcover

9. Like #6 and #7 you can find some advanced esoteric teachings
in the Blavatsky collected writings (e.g. vol. XII).
Theosophical Publishing House, Post Box 270 ,Wheaton, Illinois

 From the same publisher: The Mahatma Letters (compiled by A.T.

#1 and #2 of this list provide a good reference frame for
Theosophy. #3 gives many clear thoughts on a great variety of
spiritual topics. These provide an excellent background for the
other books, which are more or less put in order of degree of
difficulty. Also, it could be useful to order a catalogue from
the publishers mentioned in this list.

Furthermore, there are a number of articles on theosophy
available on the world wide web:

see URL:
(click on Theosophy keyword)

The theos-l archive also has some articles on theosophy, besides
containing the theos-l log-archive.

Theosophical archive: FTP to
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Password: your E-mail account
change directory to: /pub/theos-l
and get the file you want

Martin Euser

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