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Re:Upcoming Program on Deepak Chopra, MD.

Aug 05, 1995 08:35 AM
by Janice Hensley (SAIL)

Thought most of you would be interested in an upcoming program on
WEDU - PBS (Channel 3 here in Tampa). On Monday August 14, one
of my favorite contemporary thinkers, Deepak Chopra, will be
profiled on public television. I'm not sure about the time, but
I hope that some of you will be on the look out for, then watch
the program - maybe it could serve to inspire some more
interesting dialogue in this discussion group.

(Also, today at 4:oo is The Internet Show on PBS which looks

PS: I'm glad that its summer vacation and I have the time to make
all these postings - after Aug. 28 I'm back in grad school full
time. With work AND a fulfilling personal life on top of that I
suspect that my postings will be much less frequent! But I'm
enjoying it all now while it lasts!


Janice Hensley

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