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Re: Constitution Advocates Pluralism not Exclusivity

Aug 04, 1995 02:45 PM
by John Mead

> >>The Rev. Franklin is incorrect in believing that this
country was founded on Christian beliefs.

> I am a Canadian but very interested in American History. Right
now I am watching the documentary Civil War and studying Ralph
Waldo Emerson intensely. I thought that the God of the craftsmen
of the Constitution was more deistic than theistic and that the
intention was freedom of religion for all - that to me sounds a
lot like pluralism and tolerance. I find it shameful that
fundamentalists play with the language of the constitution in
such a way as to read it as a narrow tract.

hi -

I decided to add my observations here.

the USA was founded on MASONIC principles (almost exclusively).

in particular the following may summarize:

1) Despotism should be annihilated.
2) freedom of religion
3) separation of church and state
4) freedom of speech (i.e. ACLU is very much a USA institution)
5) Charity as a part/necessity of life
6) Pluralistic social attitude
7) Republican Democracy is the best form of government
 (and also imperfect)

the above overlap.

By the Way ---

I had a new graph of people's religious positions/philosophy

Humanist | Rational Scientist
Theosophist | Fundamentalist
or Mason Belief in God


peace -

john mead

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