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Re: Annual Meeting & Summer School Report

Aug 04, 1995 11:02 AM

>I think it is a beautiful allegory of the times we live in. A
period when there are few lights upon the path, and the TS, its
branches and study centers, this list, and other such groups are
all that remain of the eternal fires. We must choose like the
young man if we will stay and tend them or let them die out.

The Future & White Magic

"...the three greatest formulas of white magic which have been
given to humanity are as follows: 1 - Love the Lord your God with
all your heart, mind and soul; 2 - Love your neighbor as you love
yourself; and 3 - Do unto others as you would have them do unto
you. It is the general practice of this white magic which will
make the dawning of the new age a great and good opportunity for

 -- PAA

Here, are some hopeful predictions for the next 10 years:

- True astrology will win its rightful place in human society and
be revolutionized by the scientific study of the energy relations
between celestial manifestations.

- The third secret of electricity, the balancing principle, will
be discovered by science and used in service of the common good.

- Communication with the subtle worlds will be established
through telecommunications and photography.

- The existence of the immortal human soul will be demonstrated
as a fact in nature by science.

- Etheric (ionic or physical magnetic) vision or sight will
become commonplace.

- Millions of people who have made true contact with their higher
consciousness will be in incarnation and thousands of human
beings who know themselves as Souls and who are totally dedicated
to the helping of others and to serving God's Plan will be in
incarnation and working for the benefit of our world.

- Humanity as a whole will register in mind and brain a contact
with the world of the higher consciousness or true spiritual
realities (the first initiation of the threshold) and thus be
able, through our own hard won abilities, to take a great step
forward in evolution.

If these predictions come true it will be because of the freely
made right choices of humanity and the development of a truly
service oriented motivation in a sufficient number of people so
as to allow for the clear understanding and right use of the new
revelations. All of these opportunities will and are occurring
in complete harmony with the freedom and dignity of each
individual person, family, community and nation.

APRIORI, 6524 San Felipe #323, Houston, TX, 77057 USA.
APRIORI is a goodwill educational service organization.

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