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Re: Annual Meeting & Summer School Report

Aug 04, 1995 10:46 AM
by Lewis Lucas


Thanks so much for the report. I couldn't attend this year, but
been to many which were always a treat. For me it is a chance to
catch up with friends and get new ideas, which highlights the
value of an organization. These ideals need a vehicle(s) for
expression. It is hard for me to understand the arguements of
those who see no need for an organization -- or government.

A tale was told of a young man wandering on the misty moors of
Ireland while on vacation to his ancestors' home. It tells of
him seeing a light in the dim distance. Upon investigation he
finds an old man tending a small fire in crumbling tower. The
old man is elated to see the young man, saying: "I have been
expecting you."

As the tale goes there were once a upon a time many such towers
to light the path for travelers, but only a few remained.
However, so long as one remained the others could be rebuilt and
their fires relit, so it was imperative to keep the fire alive.

While the old man had been speaking the fire had nearly died out,
and the young man rushed to stoke it. When he returned with wood
the old man was gone and he was left to decide whether to stay
and tend the fire.

I think it is a beautiful allegory of the times we live in. A
period when there are few lights upon the path, and the TS, its
branches and study centers, this list, and other such groups are
all that remain of the eternal fires. We must choose like the
young man if we will stay and tend them or let them die out.


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