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Re: FAQ's someone has to make them !

Aug 04, 1995 10:40 AM
by portelli

Dear John,

On the recommendation of a theosophist friend I subscribed, once,
to your list server. I have attempted to unsubscribe three
times. Now, I cannot imagine why my address keeps getting on
your list, but I'd like to know. Is someone looking out for my
evolutionary well-being? Does someone have the absurd notion that
"it is meant for me" to be subjected to what amounts to be mostly
ridiculous analysis of even more ridiculous cosmic speculation? I
really want to know why I cannot get off this list! Please don't
take me off just yet, I'd like to get my answer first. Besides,
if my next attempt to unsubscribe fails, I would like to share my
personal historical perspective of theosophy with those few
people who don't seem to have anything better to offer society
than interactive dialogue about grokking television actors and

Holy Koot Hoomi's, Mitreyea, these theosophist's really took all
that turn of the last century White Brotherhood stuff way too
seriously. How can we help them to touch back down to earth in
time to perhaps help society out of its current mess?

I don't know, CWL, maybe you can find them another Krishnaji, he
can certainly solve the worlds problems.

Piece of mind,


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