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Re: 1900 K.H. Letter?

Aug 02, 1995 09:25 PM
by John Vorstermans

> Indeed so, my understanding also is that it was the Tibetan
Master D.K. who provided her with most of the "Secret Doctrine."

I Have no direct knowledge of which Adpts actually wrote the
Secret Doctrine but am aware that there were several involved.

>> it was stated in several articles that there they would no
longer be able to communicated in writing (as they were) when HPB
was no longer in physical incarnation

> Does this mean that there would never again be any initiates in
incaration who would be willing and able to communicate (via the
fully conscious higher psychism) the Master's wisdom?

No not at all. My impression is that the current series of
corospondencies beween KH and HPB's students and the TS would
stop. The TS was to be left to stand on its own feet and either
make it or desolve into "yet another" cult or religion.

Communications I am sure continue between teachers and pupils on
all levels. If we listen ourselves I am sure we will also here
our teacher talk to us.... if we can learn to listen.

> Or that the Masters could not send a letter by normal post?

No doubt and I am sure that other students are also capabile of
materialising the thoughts of a Adept into written form somewhere
but I do not know exactly how it is done so cannot really make a
valid comment. The discription in the Mahatma Letters of this
process is interesting.

The historical aspect of all this is interesting as a lesson or
for those of us who have an interest in history but in the long
run it is today we need to focus on.

The 1900 letter is interesting but is it relavent 95 years later?

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