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Re: 1900 K.H. Letter?

Aug 02, 1995 05:27 PM

Hi John,

> KH and M who were two of the main instigators of planting the
idea of the "Theosophical Seed" back in 1875 were not so much
interested in how the "seeds" were planted but that they actually
were planted.

Indeed so, my understanding also is that it was the Tibetan
Master D.K. who provided her with most of the "Secret Doctrine."

> it was stated in several articles that there they would no
longer be able to communicated in writing (as they were) when HPB
was no longer in physical incarnation

Does this mean that there would never again be any initiates in
incaration who would be willing and able to communicate (via the
fully conscious higher psychism) the Master's wisdom? Or that the
Masters could not send a letter by normal post? I do not know how
the K.H. 1900 letter was written or delivered.

> Certainly it is our choice whether we take up the opertunities
offered us or we choose to become lost within yet another
physical incarnation and perhaps have to wait again another 1000
years before such an opurtunity arises again.

I believe also that the opportunity of right choice leads to
greater love and freedom. [Part of the previous point being that
there are those who deceive the innocent into thinking that there
is opportunity in obeying another -- there never is and this
results only in slavery (with its appropriate lessons).].

> Does it really matter if the TS is doing its job or not? It is
more simportant that we as individuals do what we believe is

Amen -- and hopefully spiritual groups will evolve.


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