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Re Paul - Anagrams

Aug 02, 1995 06:35 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Paul: <I would welcome any suggestions about what occult
principles determine the fact that anagrams so often spell out
hidden or subversive messages that can be astoundingly relevant
to the overt message. >

I'm not so sure about "principles" as such, but the concept of
anagrams is very ancient. It is used a lot, for example, in
Enochian Magic, where deity names are often anagrams. At least
one magical idea of the anagram is that the basic letters are the
same, thus the gematria or numerical value of the
word/name/phrase is the same. Thus there is a numerical
equivalent to all anagrams of a word or name (and thus an occult
correspondence). The idea began with what are called "magical
languages" - i.e., those in which each letter has a name, a
meaning, and a numberical value. In ancient Egyptian, each
letter had a name and meaning, but apparently no numerical value
(or if it did, it has been lost to us) so there is no gematria
for ancient Egyptian that we know of today. But there is for
Greek, Hebrew, Sanscrit, and Enochian. In those languages, names
of deities can be anagramed to find hidden correspondences.

Jerry S.

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