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Re: 1900 K.H. Letter?

Aug 03, 1995 06:54 AM
by John Vorstermans

Hi Patrick

> Yes, in reading over the article/letter it seemed to me that
the Masters at the time were somewhat withdrawing their full
support for all of the T.S.'s activities -- as when "deluding"
influences were mentioned and the need to eliminate pride and
vanty. I suppose this didn't make someone very happy then.

KH and M who were two of the main instigators of planting the
idea of the "Theosophical Seed" back in 1875 were not so much
interested in how the "seeds" were planted but that they actually
were planted. HPB and here helpers choose to form the TS to do
this. However it must be remebered that HPB had a special link
with the two Adepts mentioned and that it was stated in several
articles that there they would no longer be able to communicated
in writing (as they were) when HPB was no longer in physical
incarnation. HPB herself was very much involved with the
writtings it seems. (NOw, who HPB really was is a whole new
excercise :-)).

The 1900 letter, amongst other things raised doubts to whether
the TS was actually successful in what it was initially proposed
to be. HPB also had these doubts later in here life. She almost
died several times while writing the Secret Doctrine but choose
to remain in incarnation at least long enough to see this
finished. This volume itself has probably done more good for
"Theosophy" in it's last 100 years than has the TS has. She was
so discouraged with the TS at the end that she made a last effort
to try and pull together those "few genuine members" as she could
to form a devoted group within the TS who genuinly believed in
the phiolosophy she presented and were willing to endevour to
lead the life required to become an Adept themselves one day.
This required strict disapline and the comittement to live a
certain type of life. She called this group the Esoteric School
of Theosophy.

Howerver after the death of HPB the TS slowly began to change
into what was beginning to look like another religion. This is
what I believe the 1900 letter was refering to. By the early
1920's the TS had lost it ways completely. It was, IMO,
Krishnamurti that saved the TS from the obvious path of
distruction by choosing not to become its GURU and figurehead.
His leaving the TS had and immediate impact and over the next 30
years there was enough regeneration within the TS to perhaps give
it a chance to continue its work of planting those seeds.

> I very much like that the letter mentions that the Masters do
not bend the will of another to their own -- as there has been so
much of deception and the authoritative control drama that has
been foisted on young ones. The spiritual path is walked in

Is there such a thing? Certainly it is our choice whether we take
up the opertunities offered us or we choose to become lost within
yet another physical incarnation and perhaps have to wait again
another 1000 years before such an opurtunity arises again.

Does it really matter if the TS is doing its job or not? It is
more important that we as individuals do what we believe is

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