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Aug 01, 1995 07:29 PM
by Janice Hensley (SAIL)

I just subscribed to this listserv the other day. Right now I am
here in Tampa awaiting the arrival of Huricaine Erin and reading
these postings over a glass of wine. Fundamentalism, hmmmmm...,
I used to be a fundamentalist in a 'previous incarnation'. There
are fundamentalists in all of the revealed religions. I would
think you would see a rise of fundamentalism during more unsure
times. There is a sense of security obtained when you have all
the answers outlined for you. I know that there was for me. It
was tough leaving a fundamentalist Christian mindset several
years ago - especially coming from an unstable home situation as
an early foundation. But... the pull for truth was stronger
than the need for easy answers.

The implications of a rise in fundamentalism? Scarey. I think
fundamentalists, being less flexible in their respective
positions, are more apt to fight to the death for what they
perceive as truth for them. In one sense having this courage of
conviction is admirable, but on a deeper level and when it is
thought through this is very dangerous since every different
fundamentalist group believes their truth is absolute. I believe
that their perspectives COULD be understood as absolute IF they
were viewed more symbolically/metaphorically rather than
literally, but of course this is not usually the case.

Oh well. As a result of my own spiritual journey/study, I can
integrate all major religions to fit within my personel
worldview. Instead of an exclusive fundamentalist belief system,
I now have one that is inclusive and open minded...and still can
find great comfort in this! In fact, I now feel more connected to
and in love with my world/universe than ever.

Namaste, Jan

Janice Hensley

> Your question is similar to one I have been pondering. What
are the reasons and implications of the rise in fundamentalism
around the world? I would be interested in others comments.

> Lewis

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