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Re: UFO connections/time travel

Aug 01, 1995 06:48 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Keith writes:

> I am thinking about Lucid Dreaming! . . . It happens to me
usually when I am deprived of sleep.

Strange. I've done my best lucid dreaming when I've had too much
sleep. (Something I'm definitely not doing since I'm attending
Summer School at Olcott.) My husband also claims that lots of
sleep is good for astral projections.

> Crick who helped map DNA believes that life was spored from
another place in the galaxy. That the age of the earth and the
complexity of life are not compatible with evolution as it is
currently taught (without involution).

(Gasp!) You mean we're all an experiment? We're all in a ZOO or
just a bunch of lab rats running in a maze? :-))) When do I get
my piece of cheese?

Seriously, this was fascinating bit of news to ponder.

- ann

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