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Re to Fred

Aug 01, 1995 08:10 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Fred: < I suspect that Jerry is correct when he states that the
mathematical diverse potential of DNA is so great that all the
possible combinations have not been tried in nature, but I do not
see that as a very strong argument, as it appears that the
combinations that work are in use... Now, having said that, I
also believe there is something more, spirit, which is necessary
to add to the machine, before we have a total human. >

 But WHY is it that the "combinations that work are in use?" The
 "argument" that I was trying to make is that there has not been
 enough time in our evolution for nature to "try out" all of the
 possibilities inherent in our DNA before reaching the current
 combinations. Keith, I believe, alluded to this lack of time
 and I was following up on the theme. Either there is a "God"
 controlling things, or a very significant "coincidence" occurred
 somewhere in the past. Darwinism can't explain it. But the
 possibility of symbiosis, or mutual cooperation, seems viable to
 me (especially _conscious_ symbiosis).

Fred: <The functioning human is obviously something greater than
the sum of its parts. HPB has already made that clear.>

Yes, she did. But my point is that science is now (finally!)
also picking up on it, especailly within the new chaos and
complexity theories.

Comment: Fred's mention of the need for spirit is vital here.
DNA, without the guidance/governance of the astral, mental, and
spiritual prototypes behind it will never become "alive" in any
true sense. Modern science has looked deeply into the human
brain, and virtually all of the scientists who did so have been
absolutely shocked by the vast complexity that they found there.
Some of the basic neuro-networking stuff has even been modeled in
mathematics already, but many scientists are now arguing that
only parts (subsystems) can be modeled with any realism owing to
the compexity. For example, we now know that oour brains do NOT
work like a computer. Brains cells do not hold data like
computer RAM (or ROM). It looks more like electronic imaging of
a very complex sort is going on. But so far, consciousness
itself has eluded the scentists.

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