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Theosophy and Cyberspace talk to be presented at Wheaton (8/1/95)

Jul 29, 1995 10:39 AM
by John Mead

This talk will be presented at TSA Wheaton at 7:30 PM this
Tuesday evening (Aug.  1, 1995).

ALSO: A Multi-Media/WWW/Internet etc.  Demonstration is Planned.
(time, place, etc.  is still being decided)

peace - john mead

p.s.  Don is finishing his PhD in NeuroPhysiology.  Also, he has
authored several research articles in current professional
journals (peer-reviewed).

Please send e-mail to if you would like TSA to
video-tape his talk for future distribution.  I have had several
discussions with Don regarding this talk, and I expect it to be a
GOOD one.

"Speaker: Don DeGracia Title of Talk: Theosophy and Cyberspace


This talk will have two main goals: 1.  to broadly define the
term "cyberspace", and 2.  to show how cyberspace can be of use
to theosophists as individuals and to the Theosophical Society as
a whole.

Cyberspace refers to the world-wide telecommunications networks
and the information that passes through these networks.  The
internet and online services are discussed.  Some time is devoted
to the content of cyberspace and even the esoteric implications
of cyberspace.

Next, it is shown how the communication tools of cyberspace can
be used by theosophists.  Discussion is given of theosophical
material already available in cyberspace.  And strategies for
increasing the presence of Theosophy in cyberspace will be

A discussion session will follow.

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