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set theory and infinate series

Jul 28, 1995 07:45 PM

Hi Brenda,

Sorry I'm so slow to respond to my mail.  I have been thinking
about the discussion we had a few weeks ago about infinate
series, and the two special case sets, the set of {0,1,2,3,4...}
and the set {...-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3...} I had used the term
"unmanifest" and refered to the point "0".  When I used the word
"unmanifest", I probably should have used the term "Unmanifest
potential." The zero point in these two sets is not identical.  O
in the first set is the starting point.  There is no balance of
points on eihter side, where, you are correct, 0 is balanced by
equal, infinate numberes of integers on wither side in the second
set.  It is my understanding of the footnote that HPB is talking
about the idea mathematically represented by 0 in the set of
positive integers.  I don't understand these portions in the SD
as being about balance

On a more current topic, I like your idea of a thought experiment
involving a change in the orbit of our planet earth.  Our
astronomers have set some mathematical parameters dealing with
the sizes of mass necessary to create black holes and other
heavenly bodies.  There are a large number of possibilities for
this type of thought experiment.  Unfortunately, or perhaps,
fortunately, environmental conditions compatible with life as we
know it are quite limited, and these experiments are only
possible as thought experiments.  This is the stuff of dreams,
yet there may be insights about the nature of our physical world
to be gleaned.  I will probably add this type of thought
experiment to my list of experiments to pursue.

Any comments?

Love and light, Fred

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